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NB: All vacancies are subject to our enquiry, selection, references and safeguarding procedures.

Vacancy - Programme Team
District Lead for Cub Scouts

We are looking for an individual or team of volunteers to support our cub section across Bristol South. You will support our adult volunteers to run active and thriving cub packs. The role is really varied as you could be visiting the packs to say hello and get involved or supporting new leaders to plan a programme.

You (Or someone in team) will engage with cub volunteers this could be via a meeting of all the leaders or communicating to each pack.

We are really keen to make this role or roles work for the people applying so please do contact us to find out more!

A full induction and support following that is also in place. We look forward to hearing from you.

Vacancy - Programme Team
District Lead for Scout section



Vacancy - 14-24 Team
District Explorer Scout Lead

Yes, this is an exciting role. The District Explorer Scout Lead (DESL) role is all about providing direction and support in order to develop Explorer [14-18] Scouting and ensure its sustainability.  We hope you’ll enjoy every minute, and feel proud knowing that you’re changing lives and creating opportunities for more young people and adults in your community.  

Managing and supporting Scouting can be challenging at times, so we’ve developed an induction package consisting of three separate elements to help get to grips with your future role. The three elements are:

  • Receiving support  locally utilising the downloadable checklist
  • Support given through the Scouts website such as safeguarding, safety, governance and programme
  • A rolling programme of six interactive online workshops
Vacancy - Support Team
District Secretary

Volunteering is fun and rewarding!  We are always looking for new people to join us and you would have a good time alongside a great team of people and and contributing something very important to the community.

You can decide how much or little time you wish to give and how you spend that time, the key word is ‘flexibility’.

No prior experience or a connection with Scouting is necessary! 

It may seem a bit intimidating at first but it really doesn’t take long to get into the swing of things and there is plenty of experience in the team to help you feel at ease. We welcome people from different backgrounds and would love to have you join us.

We are currently seeking interested individuals to fill the following voluntary posts:

  • District Secretary
  • District Media Manager

Please contact for further information.

Vacancy - Support Team
Eastwinds Scout Centre - Manager - voluntary position

Bristol South Scouts are seeking to appoint a Voluntary Manager [or a small team] for its Eastwinds Scout Centre property located at BS4 4DY, with a flair for practical, hands-on advanced DIY (indoor and outdoor) although will be able to source and engage trades for more complex work or where certification is required or anything out of their comfort zone. Duties will also include the management of any bookings and liaison with regular users plus any regular checks required. Reporting to the District the post holder or team will have a budget and can claim expenses. Any appointment will be subject to Scout Association procedures which will include a DBS check. Not necessarily a uniformed appointment, this role is not primarily engaging with our young members. Those within Scouting, recently ‘retired’ from a role or with no Scouting background but relevant skills are invited to apply for this voluntary position, feel free to share this information. Please e-mail for further information.

Vacancy - Programme Team
District Youth Focus Lead
What does a DYFL do? – They have the overall responsibility for youth Shaped Scouting within our District working in partnership with the district Commissioner to ensure that young people from 6-25 Years are involved and engaged in the decisions that shape their scouting experience.
The new DYL will ideally visit as many groups as they can to encourage our young people to take part in activities and to get to know the volunteer leaders and young people, feel free to invite them along to anything.
Vacancy - 14-24 Team
District Young Leaders Manager

The role includes supporting young leaders (14-17 yoa) in our groups across the district with their training modules enabling them to gain their ‘young leader belt’ and keeping records in online systems of the young people involved. working closely in collaboration with Groups and Explorer Units to help develop the next generation of leadership.

Vacancy - 14-24 Team
District Network Lead Volunteer

‘Network’ is the last section you join as a scout member (18+) and has been going for many years, although it has been called many names. It’s a chance for those who have recently left Explorers to continue their own scout adventures, without having to look after our younger members.

At this time we are seeking a Network Lead Volunteer who will work to make our unit ‘Gert Lush’  a welcoming place for all those moving to the next step in their scouting life and aim to be able to, as a section, give a little back to the groups, the district and wider afield. Activities are only really limited by the imagination. They are ‘Gert lush’ by name, it will be ‘Gert lush’ by nature.

Vacancy - Support Team
District Website & Social Media Manager

We are looking for someone or a small team to manage and develop our online presences.

Keeping our website up to date, providing an effective information service and also publishing our news is important. Likewise, the provision of effective social media streams and the broadening of the appeal of these is an area of development to pursue.

Ideally those involved will have some practical knowledge of web development, editing and relevant compliances. The ‘manager’ will also be the point of contact with our web platform and e-mail service provider(s).

This opportunity can be divided into two areas, social and web if appointed volunteers wish.

Paul Harper
District Lead Volunteer [formerly district commissioner]

Paul Harper was appointed as our District Commissioner in April 2021 and has been involved in in adult leadership roles within scouting or over 30 years. As a child he was a cub, scout and Venture scout, achieving The Queen’s Scout Award and Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Subsequently becoming a cub leader, assistant scout leader, explorer scout leader in various parts of Avon and Northamptonshire.

In 2010 he took his first District Role (in Axe district) and this was followed by his appointment as Deputy County Commissioner in Avon County from 2013 to 2018 with responsibility for the Explorer Scout and the Scout Network Programme. He passionately believes scouting gives our young people the skills for life and is committed to aiding the successful return of face to face scouting as we emerge from the pandemic.

At a time where we have really long waiting lists of young people wanting to join the adventure, Paul is focused on ensuring that we can secure enough adult volunteers to make it available to every young person who wants to try it!.


Cathy Harding
District Scouter Lead & (Scout programme contact)

I have been in scouting since i was 16 and was in guiding from the age of 7. When I was a Venture Scout, I gaining my Queen’s Scout award and Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s award. At the age of 21, I became a Cub Scout Leader, after around 15 years I decided to have a change and moved into the Explorer section, becoming an Assistant Explorer Leader, then the Explorer Scout  Leader, then moving up to become the District Explorer Scout Commissioner.  In February 2018 I became the Deputy District Commissioner. Which is my current role today. 

Scott Stowell
Deputy District Lead & (Adult Appointments contact)

I’ve been in scouting since I was 6 years old and never left!

I love volunteering for the scouts and have done a number of different roles including leading a group, being the district commissioner and working on some projects at HQ.

Why not come and join us!


Teresa Dunsford
District Lead for Beaver Scouts

No doubt like most of our Leaders, I joined scouting as my son was a Beaver at 256th. Though I initially didn’t “sign up” when he joined, I was asked at a Family camp with the Group would I become the Group Secretary and I said yes. I held this position with 3 years, when I was asked if I would run the Beaver section at 256th until they could find someone to take over – and 5 years later I was still there!! I decided to step down in July 2018, when I was then appointed as ADC – Beavers for Bristol South.

Sean Hegarty
District Lead Support & Volunteer Welcome & Training

Sean’s role is to support new and develop adult volunteers during their training and progress within Scouting locally.

The post supports others to achieve their full potential through our volunteer training scheme and liaises with a team of training advisers who keep in touch with as well as being a key contact for support and queries.

Ben Wherrett
District Programme Lead - Activities (incl DAN/NAN notifications) + Cub programme contact
Andy Scully
District Programme Lead for Events

Having been in scouting for over 40 years as a young person and an adult I know first hand the benefits of Scouting.

To my roles I can bring a wealth of experience having been a Cub Scout Leader in Bristol South, ADC for Beavers and Cub, County ACC for Beavers and Cubs, a charity trustee and a county leader trainer.

My passion is leading large scale events having run National Fundays for Beavers and Cubs and I am in addition to my Programme Lead for Events role currently managing the county’s activity centre at Woodhouse Park.

Theresa Coll
District Welcome Team Administrator [formerly Appointments Committee]

The appointments secretary role is critical in ensuring a smooth journey for all new volunteers.

  • contacting new volunteers to get them started on the appointments process
  • ensuring accurate information is added to the adult database
  • tracking them through the processes
  • arranging and inviting applicants to the appointments panel meetings and communicating the outcomes back

The role is flexible and can be completed at pretty much any time of the day and is mainly admin based. On average the role requires a small weekly commitment with some weeks being a little busier than others.

Steve Williams
District Chair, Board of Charity Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of a small team of adults who support the development of Scouting by ensuring that effective governance is in place for the charity. The district is registered with The Charity Commission (England & Wales No. 1091301).

Drawn from many fields of expertise, members do not need to have any previous Scouting knowledge or background , new faces are always welcome from those who wish to make a positive contribution to Scouting in Bristol South, it’s not all agendas and meetings!

We are currently seeking interested individuals to fill the following voluntary posts:

  • District Secretary
  • District Website & Social Media Manager (these can be split to be covered by two or more persons)
  • Eastwinds Scout Centre Team Leader

Please contact for further information.

Tony Rees
District Treasurer, Board of Charity Trustees

Tony has held many appointments within Scouting over the last 30+ years, from leading in the then 11-16 & 16-20 yoa provisions, County Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Adviser/Dartmoor Expedition Assessor and terms on HQ teams for activities and working in special project groups.

After a short break Tony returned to Scouting reviving earlier roles in a non uniformed capacity serving on District Executive Committee and as a member of the Charity Board of Trustees. Over the last six years as head of the finance sub committee. Plus, with a interest in websites and social media provision for the district.

Since 2020 Tony has also been a member of the Avon Scout County Board of Trustees.

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