Scott Stowell
District Commissioner

I have been in scouting since a beaver at the age of 6 and have worked my way up being a young person and now into an adult volunteer – Giving back what I took out of scouting is so important to me. I love my role of District Commissoner being able to see so many young people and adults develop through scouting.

What are you waiting for come and join us in delivering Skills for life to even more young people!

Cathy Harding
Deputy District Commissioner

I have been in Scouting since I was 16 and was in guiding from the age of 7. When I was a Venture Scout, I gaining my Queen’s Scout award and Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s award. At the age of 21, I became a Cub Scout Leader, after around 15 years I decided to have a change and moved into the Explorer section, becoming an Assistant Explorer Leader, then the Explorer Scout Leader, then moving up to become the District Explorer Scout Commissioner. In February 2018 I became the Deputy District Commissioner. Which is my current role today.

Teresa Dunsford
Assistant District Commissioner - Beavers

No doubt like most of our Leaders, I joined scouting as my son was a Beaver at 256th. Though I initially didn’t “sign up” when he joined, I was asked at a Family camp with the Group would I become the Group Secretary and I said yes. I held this position with 3 years, when I was asked if I would run the Beaver section at 256th until they could find someone to take over – and 5 years later I was still there!! I decided to step down in July 2018, when I was then appointed as ADC – Beavers for Bristol South.

Andy Scully
Assistant District Commissioner - Cubs
Nick Eccles
Assistant District Commissioner - Scouts

I started in scouting in 1981 as a Cub with the 275th Brislington URC continued as a Scout and then onto Venture Scouts at Bonvill VSU. Whilst in Ventures I used to help with the cubs and Scouts at the 275th finally becoming Scout Leader in 1993 which I continued with until the late 90s when I started working away from home I continued helping with and organising some district events until the early 2000’s. With my son getting into scouting at the 145th St Christophers I started helping now and again and then meeting up with some of my old friends and leaders (Baggles!) especially at the Bristol South Jamboree 2018 and I realised how much I missed it. Running my own business it gets awkward to make the regular commitment so I spoke to Scott (DC) to see where I could help!! When I’m not working or Scouting I’m involved with my other Hobby, Stage Rallying & Road Rallying where I put together a lot of the navigational skills I learnt with the Scouts to good use as a Co-Driver and Navigator!

Vacancy - Help us deliver Skills For Life to young people
District Explorer Scout Commissioner

We are actively searching for adults to join the leadership team being created to support and develop our explorer provision (14-18 year olds). We are searching for a team of people who will be supporting the existing Explorer units to continue to thrive but also support and lead on planned additional units openings to enable more young people to gain skills for life through explorer scouting.

We are keen to hear from anyone who can offer something (small or big) to our growing team.

Contact Scott for more information –

James Wall
District Scout Network Commissioner

Scouting has been a massive part of my life, you could even say it has ‘been my life’. It all started when a little me joined beavers and went on through all the sections and now am a volunteer. I have many fond memories growing up in scouting, learning so many life lessons and gained some extraordinary life friendships.

I volunteered at Blenheim Scout group from the age of 18. Assisting with their scout section and then moved to help with Cubs. Am a member of the local and phenomenal team of Avon Scout Radio allowing me to fulfill a dream of being a presenter; and from the age of 7 until the end of 2018 was a member of the Ravens Marching Scout Band, playing the trumpet.

‘Network’ is the last section you join as a scout member and has been going for many years, although it has been called many names. It’s a chance for those volunteers who have recently left explorers to continue their own scout adventures, without having to look after our younger members. As network commissioner, I wish to make it a welcoming venture for all those moving to the next step in their scouting life and aim to be able to, as a section, give a little back to the district. We are ‘Gert lush’ by name, it will be ‘Gert lush’ by nature.

Barry Stubbins
District Young Leaders Leader
Moe Jones
Assistant District Commissioner - Activities

I was first taken to Scouts in 1960 at the age of 11 by my cousin Paul who was a member of the 255th Bristol Channel Sea Scouts. I took to Scouting & especially enjoyed the water activities. Gig Rowing in Bristol Docks (then an active shipping port) & Sailing in the sea during Summer Camps were the highlights. I progressed through the Troop under the then Scout Leader Terry Hiscocks, becoming an APL, PL and finally Troop Leader in 1965.I gained my Queen’s Scout Award in 1966 & was lucky to receive my badge from the Queen at a parade in Windsor.
In 1968 I became an Assistant Scout Leader at the 255th, & leader a couple of years later. In 1984 I gained my Wood badge. When Bristol South West District amalgamated with Bristol South East to form Bristol South I became ADC Activities a role I have held up to this date.
August 2018 I completed 50 years service as a Leader, accumulating the Medal of Merit in 1988, Silver Acorn in 2004 & Bar to the Silver Acorn in 2014.

Sam Beard
Assistant District Commissioner - Events
District Executive Committee - Chairman - Steve Williams
District Management & Charity Trustees

The District Executive Committee is made up of a small team of adults who support the development of scouting and ensure that governance is in place for the charity.

Members of the “DEC” are also the district’s Board of (Charity) Trustees “BOT” registered with The Charity Commission. Drawn from many fields of expertise, members do not need to have any previous Scouting knowledge or background , new faces are always welcome from those who wish to make a positive contribution to Scouting in Bristol South, it’s not all agendas and meetings!

As well as the main ‘DEC’ there exists a Finance Sub Committee and a District (Leader/Helper) Appointments Advisory Committee ‘DAAC’ that reports to the DEC/BOT.

Please contact for further information.

Beth Haines
District Youth Commissioner
Vacancy - Help us deliver Skills For Life to young people
Assistant District Commissioner - Adult Training

We are actively searching for adults to join the leadership team being created to support and develop our adult volunteers and are keen to hear from anyone who can offer something (small or big) to our growing team.

Contact Scott for more information –

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls