Guidance relating to Covid-19 can be found by clicking on the 'white' bar.
Showing ‘Information For Leaders’ and an ‘Updates Link’ to the ‘Traffic Light’ indicators indicating what level of activity is permitted, subject to Risk Assessment approval when the return to Face To Face Scouting is sanctioned.

Getting Everyone Back Together Safely

Bristol South District Scout Executive recognises that the safety of everyone involved in Scouts, both young people and adults, is our number one priority, that is always at the heart of our decision making.

Click here *to access a pdf version of the framework and set of guidance on how elements of face to face Scouts can take place and the safety measures we all need to consider and undertake prior to the resumption of face to face activities, outdoor or indoor (when permitted).

You can review this guidance now and start to make plans for how you would implement some face to face activities. It contains many useful links to assist you. advise on the management of the ongoing situation.

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Other reference materials: – NHS Coronavirus advise
Coronavirus – FAQs –

Please see the Scout website and Facebook groups (below) for ideas for online activities at a distance. Try some of these we hope you have fun and Stay Safe (follow the advise, see links below). for Scouting based activities during social isolation/distancing #TheGreatINdoors leaders, executive members and helpers (private group).

Linked document history*
Current version V2 dated 10/8/2020
Cancels and replaces:
V1 dated 6/8/2020

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