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Gang Show 2024

Date: 18th Feb 2024 Author: Web Editor

First night, nerves, curtain up, smile, sing and go for it, again The Gang, SMASHED IT! Last night, quiet confidence, Wow, what a night! Five, shows later and The Gang can take a rest, after what has been one of the best shows, all the stops were really pulled well and truly out. Social media broke all records, with responses from Scouts and Gang Shows from UK and in Taiwan, Uganda and Victoria[Aus]!


Act One
By George – Wham Bam
Sleep Over – I’d like a P please
ABC 123
Apples With A Bit Of Cheese
On The Farm
How Many?
Taxi! – Aloh, hi, hello, greetings, ugh, eh….
Cats And Dogs


Act Two
To Infinity And Beyond –
Star Trekin like you have never heard it!
Wizard Meets Wicked
Happy Landings
Play That Sax
Nil Poi – Eurovision at its best
The Dog – Flo ‘n Joe return!
Finale- With chorus of We’re Riding Along



Old, new, adapted and ad libs kept everyone on their toes. Especially Joe’s moustache ‘slippage’ on the last night! BIG THANKS & BRAVO to our cast [with even more young people in this year] Producers, Choreography, Audio. Stage Management and backstage crew, ditto Scenery and sound and lighting [with thanks again to Adrian Cottle]. Costumes, hair, makeup, dressers, chaperones and those who did last minute but vital repairs. and not least  The Den Dwellers Band and Backing Singers [The Chicken Supremes].

Front of house, Stewards, Ticket sales, Photos, Designers, DVD, Refreshments and Raffle – special appreciation to those who must have poured hundreds of cups of coffee and tea to keep our audiences refreshed. To those who sponsored the show, Emporium, BAR Auto Services, Gems Designs, 148th and 81st Scout Groups and of course the venue, Bedminster Down School, we could not have done this without you.

Our thanks to our special guests, ‘commissioners’ and representatives from the Exeter, Newport and Taunton Gang Shows, we hope you enjoyed yourselves. The biggest thanks must go to the audience, all 693 of you and also for supporting our charity collection. This year to be split between Diabetes UK and Sense. Two causes dear to our hearts as some members of the cast have these conditions. Links to see the Thank You letters from Sense and Diabetes UK.

2025, watch this space and all the other usual channels
Potential cast members, crew, helpers, sewers or anything else are invited to contact to express an interest, we’d love to see you.

Cleared Up, Lights Out, Lock Doors, Done
[well for this year at least!].


Photos Courtesy Beth Haines and Paul Harper.

Will the Parrott be back next year?
Wait and see…………..


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls