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Website Images

We take intellectual property etc very seriously, to that end we believe that all images used on this website either

(a) we, that is BSSD have the copyright or a release/consent to use
(b) we, have acquired the image legitimately and have the rights to use it appropriately.
some images may be from “photo library” stocks and are used in accordance with their requirements for each image.

NB:  Not all library stock images require source acknowledgement/attribution, for example some images from ‘Pixabay’. However, we are happy to acknowledge images sources, copyright etc under ‘Creative Commons’ or similar arrangements where appropriate.

If you believe an image for which you hold the rights has been wrongly/inappropriately used on this website please e-mail with the words ‘Image Consent’ as the title. In the body of your message identify the image in question by describing it, noting on which page it appears and by what right you claim it e.g. photographer, copyright/stock owner etc. We may require further proofs of any claim as there are so many spoof/spam/junk assertions of copyright and other infringement being perpetrated by those with nothing better to do, we see such a request for additional information as reasonable.

In such a case we hope that you will allow us to continue to use the image(s) concerned with the appropriate acknowledgement inserted as we believe we did acquire and are using it legitimately/lawfully. Should a reasonable compromise not be possible any legal process must be governed by the courts in England/Wales, a part of The United Kingdom, GB.




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