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Eastwinds Scout Centre

For all enquiries relating to Eastwinds please use the ‘Contact’ form.

Map: courtesy (free license)     w3w/// stocks.awards.veal  [entrance gateway]

Eastwinds Scout Centre is located off of St.Anne’s Terrace BS4 4DY. Please note the approach road is narrow and very steep, not suited to vehicles larger than a small van [minibus with severe difficulty if other vehicles parked]. Plus narrow entrance over bridge to site, on site and nearby parking is very limited.

Set in it’s own grounds, surrounded by trees, boundaries are by a brook and railway line, the centre building consists of a main hall, basic kitchen and toilet facilities. Outdoors there is a green area for games [boggy in periods of prolonged storms] and a campfire circle. The site is adjacent to a residential area so good relations with our neighbours are important to us so some proposed uses may not be acceptable.

Suitable for small scale, short duration overnight or weekend Scout camping activities* with the use of basic indoor facilities e.g. toilets, cooking and main hall, (NB: there is no provision for indoor sleeping), the outdoor area is also available evenings when not in use by resident groups. There are regular users most weekdays excluding Fridays so opportunities for daytime use are restricted, outside of ‘term time’ there may be more availability. T&Cs for use can be found here

Eastwinds is the home of the 127th Bristol Scout Group and the Supernova Explorer Scout Unit.

For further information and booking enquiries please use the ‘Contact’ form, putting ‘Eastwinds’ in your message.

*regretfully not available to third parties [non Scouting] at present for residential use. Any Scout camping requests from out of district must be accompanied by a completed and signed off NAN.

Eastwinds 2024 Outline Risk Assessment template for the guidance of users who must compile their own formal RA and use ongoing dynamic RA to prevent issues and situations arising.


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