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Young Leaders Local Administration Information

This page will be reviewed, developed and expanded over the next month or so.

The notes below are mainly for the administrative benefit of Scout Groups, more general information can be found at here

  • Who can be a Young Leader – please see details on The Scout Association’s web page here
  • Registration – will groups please ensure that they ‘transfer’ the individuals OSM record when they become a Young Leader.
    If new to Scouting please create a record and ‘share’ it. In either case please watch out for an ‘acceptance’ response. If it is not received within a month please contact Young Leader Admin.
  • Payment – for every year there is a membership payment [currently] £60 per Young Leader to be paid into district [please enquire as to the specific account to be credited]. Please note the charge is payable pro-rata for those joining throughout a year.
    NB: If the young person is also an active member of an Explorer Scout Unit this charge is not payable as the annual subscription is paid via their ESU.
    If the young person is not a member of an ESU, being only a YL within a group there are two main options for payment of the annual membership charge.
  • Payment Options
    For groups that wish to pay for an individual, set up a quarterly Direct Debit of £15 per payment, Apr-Jul-Oct-Jan.
    If it is group policy to ask the parent/guardian to pay they may also set up a quarterly DD or a quarterly OSM system payment, which although having a commission taken out of, the value can be recouped if the parent/guardian will sign up for Gift Aid.

NB: Groups currently paying by single instalment, this must be for a year in advance. The older system of being able to pay ‘in arrears’ is no longer permitted due to the considerable effort to effectively administer because of the previous high level of non payment. [DMT/BOT 20/02/24].

Whilst groups have to declare Young Leaders on their annual Scout Census return, their membership charge is not included in the annual invoice to groups for membership payments. District has to send this on. Please ensure that your census entry is accurate and corresponds to the numbers declared on OSM.


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