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District Support Team [formerly SASU]

Date: 21st Jan 2020 Author: Web Editor

Did you know that there is a “Support Team” formerly known as a “Scout Active Support Unit” in the district?

Made up of members of the district they can advise and run activities based around the following –

Knotting, lashings, rope-making.
Basic emergency aid.
Map and compass.
Backwoods cooking and mud oven cooking.
One-off catering events.
Wood work. including Bird boxes.
Glass engraving & Craft.
Badge collecting.
Lightweight camping.
Camp site maintenance.
Introduction to Scouting.

and probably many other things that are not on this list, if in doubt, make contact, please ask the question.

They are happy to offer general advice if you want to DIY and need ideas and/or guidance, so contact them and ‘pick their brains’ they have many years of experience waiting to be tapped.

Contact via

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