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District AGM 2021

Date: 30th July 2021 Location: 229th HQ. Raynes Road, Ashton or by Zoom if restrictions do not permit F2F Sections: Explorer Scouts, Scout Network, Adult Volunteer Event Organiser: District Board Of Trustees - Chair

Notice is given that the 2021 Annual General Meeting of  The Bristol South District Scout Council will take place on Friday 30th July 2021 at 7.30pm.

Venue: If permitted by Coronavirus guidance/restrictions the meeting will be at the 229th Bristol Scout HQ, Raynes Road, Ashton, Bristol. BS3 2DL if not the meeting will be conducted via Zoom. In either case, those entitled to wear uniform are encouraged to do so to keep a sense of occasion.

Futher details of the meeting will be posted here and announced on our social media channels.

(Links from these headers may not be ‘live’ until closer to the meeting date).

i).  Agenda
ii). Minutes of the 2020 AGM – for approval
iii).Reports to be recieved by the AGM
iv). Chair/Trustees Report
v).  District Commissioner’s Comments
vi). Financial Report 2020-21
vii).Details of other business listed below
Any specific business matters
Any other business (AOB) – only items pre-advised to the Chair prior to the AGM may be considered.
Guests attending

These items will be added to the Agenda document above.

Information regarding last years Zoom AGM (2020) can be found by clicking here.

Dated: 1st May 2021

229th HQ. Raynes Road, Ashton or by Zoom if restrictions do not permit F2F

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