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Leader/Volunteer Awards 26 Nov 2020

Date: 12th Nov 2020 Author: Tony Rees

Although we have the district ‘Thank You & Celebration‘ Zoom on 7th December the district is happy to announce the following awards have been made in recognition of long and exceptional service to Scouting. Some of the recipients may have known about these for quite a while but regretfully it may be some time before the actual ‘awards’ are made due to the ongoing Covid situation. Never the less, we congratulate those listed below ‘Bravo‘.

Would you like to nominate a local leader/volunteer/helper for a ‘thank you’, please used the form ‘here‘ (Google forms). Recipients will be announced at the ‘Thank You & Celebration’ Zoom on 7th December (Nominations close on 30th November).

As we are notified of further awards this list will be updated and announced on our Facebook group pages.

26th November 2020

This week we send our congratulations to the recent recipients of The Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Secvice

Matthew Hill    255th
Anthony Hawes    145th
Martin Bowell    145th
Sharon Perrett    256th
Angela Fumpson    256th
Teresa Dunsford    District
Tim Smart    255th
Ian Whittern   11th
Ben Bennett  175th
Philip Hennessey   82nd
Debra Chappell    82nd
Clare Scadding    82nd
Sean Simpkins     82nd       

19th November 2020
This week we are pleased to announce and applaud 13 recipients of the Award of Merit.

Keith Clark – SAS (Scout Active Service Unit)
Derek Hawes – 145th
James Miller – SAS
Jacqueline Turner – District
Ben Wherrett – 175th
Edwin Bessant – SAS
Angeline Wright – 175th
Stephen Pearson – 175th
Ian Chalmers – 11th
Daphne Griffey – 175th
Anne Baines – 229th
Jemma Williams – 82nd
Stephen Thomas – District

12th November 2020

Bar to Silver Acorn
Paul Carter – 148th Stockwood
Andy Scully – District and County

Silver Acorn
Simon Williams – 175th Totterdown

Bar to Award for Merit
Joy Mullen – 256th and District
Andrew Dyer – 148th Stockwood

Our congratulations also go to the 20 volunteers who have recently received long service awards ranging from 5 to 60 years of service and to the 19 who have achieved their Wood Badge, see the District Facebook page.

End of list.






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